1. Your smile is your best feature.
Two shining rows of teeth
stand at attention
they are soldiers,
here to protect the front line of phrases like
"I’m fine".

2. Your face is very expressive

3. Your eyes are the traitors
They are incomplete stained glass mosaics
You’ve known what it’s like to be beautiful
then put yourself back together.

4. You’re still working on it.

5. Your lips are warriors
They have crossed battlefields
to kiss me,
trying to memorize the way my soldiers stand,
holding grenades behind them on my tongue
Promising never to hurt you

The hardest part was crawling out of your bunker

6. Your hands represent you
silent fingertip sailors
well-acquainted with storms
the salty seas
the breaking waves of tears
on the rough days

7. Your body is the source of your insecurity
When it’s, in fact,
the most defended.

8. Your body is sexy.

Get over it.

9. You are beautiful, smiling mosaic.

9. You are beautiful, warrior.

9. You are beautiful enough for me to use my favorite number to remind you that

9. You are beautiful.

10. You blow me away
but never let me get too far without reminding me
why I stuck around in then first place.

11. Your mind is why I’m still here.
We click like
two guns cocked,
aimed down each other’s throats
locked on each other’s hearts
still wondering whether we’ve got the nerve to pull the trigger

12. I love waking up next to you
and I’m afraid to pay attention to the fact
that you might be perfect for me.

13. We might be each other’s bad luck,
both afraid of these ticking time bombs in our chests
and of making new mosaics,
so if I’m the one that breaks you again,
I’m sorry.

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